Curt Siverts

Curt Siverts has been a waterman all of his life.  He started out helping his father in the family business of Undersea Graphics, Inc.  He and his father built a submarine and a customized research vessel to survey underwater pipelines. Curt has always had the inventor spirit. Back in 2012, when Stand-Up Paddling was just becoming a recognized sport, Curt developed and then patented the DaSail™ SUP Paddle which is the only SUP Paddle with a fully functional sail stowed inside the shaft of the paddle. The patented design allows the user to either stow or deploy the sail in seconds.  Curt's next revolutionary invention for the SUP Paddle is the Yawfin™. This little addition to the paddle blade creates an enhanced paddling experience by increasing stroke accuracy.


Rick Cates

Rick is our partner and patent attorney.  Contact him with any legal questions at rick@sailpaddle.com


Monica Siverts

Monica is our phone personnel.  Call her with any Sailpaddle related questions at 310-318-1774. She will try to help you out as best as possible.